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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Sir, I admit your general rule,
That every poet is a fool.
But you yourself may serve to show it,
Every fool is not a poet.

(Alexander Pope)
Why did Sheffield University* put a 30ft-high Jarvis Cocker poem on the side of their new campus? Occam's Razor: they're a-holes.

*formerly Visigoth Polytechnic.


Saturday, October 29, 2005
This is good. I can no more stop playing it than I can stop eating these Pringles, now that the packet is opened. Time meanwhile flies, never to return. (Virgil)

Via Brian Micklethwait.

UPDATE! My top score today is 1,858, whereas yesterday I got more than 2,000. There are three activities where you don't improve with practice: this game; watching telelvision; and wanking.


Friday, October 28, 2005
"It takes brains not to make money," Colonel Cargill wrote... "Any fool can make money these days and most of them do. But what about people with talent and brains? Name, for example, one poet who makes money." (From Catch 22)
Killer Fact! Arizona is the stupidest state in the whole United States -quite an achievement given what the rest of the country is like- yet last year their economy grew by 7.1%, second only to Nevada, the fourth stupidest place. Florida, California, Arkansas and Idaho were also in the top quintile for growth, yet near the bottom for education. In the tiger economies of the 21st century the workers will barely be able to count their own ears. Meanwhile the Germans, who tried to cheat by having an educated workforce, lurch from crisis to crisis.

A glance at the Sunday Times Rich List tells the same story:
Richard Branson (£2.6 billion)- left school at 15
Bernie Ecclestone (£2.3 billion)- left school at 16
Eddie Healey, kitchens supremo (£1.3 billion)- left school at 16.
Duke of Westminster (£5 billion)- couldn't even get into agricultural college
Lord Cadogan (£1.5 billion)- raised by bears
Philip Green, who left school at 15, last week awarded himself a £1.2 billion dividend. But is he happy? As a matter of fact, he is. He's fucking delirious.

As far as I can tell, Lord Sainsbury is the only educated person in the top twenty, not counting foreigners. Whereas I, with my Oxbridge degree (Women's Studies with Forestry), have no money at all. See what I mean?

UPDATE! Did I say Oxbridge? I meant Uxbridge.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005
As you know, I recently went to South America to find myself. I needn’t have bothered- I was in Bayswater all the time. I pulled back the duvet this morning and there I was, in person. This bed has squeaky springs, and reading the Spectator sounds like vigorous masturbation. How ironic.

Just got charged £3.35 for the breakfast orange juice. Why? Because I’m in London, and that’s what squeezed fruit costs in this stinking town. There’s no economic theory to explain it, other than the theory that the inhabitants are grasping thieving swine. It needs no Keynes to tell us this. The city’s economy is based on financial services, and cheating tourists out of their loose change. The sooner they blow it up the better, in my opinion. I like those funny “red buses” though.

“Domine dirige nos.” The city’s motto. It’s Latin for “Think of a sensible price and then treble it.”


I found that last site via the self-styled Attu. Please to visit him.

This post is dedicated to the 9.3 million Americans who got bitten by ants last year. Please, a moment's silence.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005
I have just one criticism of andrewsullivan.com: it's kind of lousy. Despite this flaw, it turns out to be worth $2,092,185.24, enough to buy $2,092,185.24 worth of Tony Parsons novels at the current exchange rate. Great thundering Jesus, that's enough copies of Man and Boy to take out Baghdad! If he doesn't want to read them -and I wouldn't blame him if he didn't- he could invest his Parsons novels in the stock market, and watch them grow.

My site is completely worthless.


Monday, October 24, 2005
A sea otter must eat a quarter of its own bodyweight in fish every day. Hence the expression, "Him eat more fish than an otter."


Thursday, October 20, 2005
"It has been falsely advertised that SNOOP DOGG would be performing at a benefit show in Norway. This was never confirmed and Snoop Dogg will NOT be performing at the "Come Together Benefit" in Oslo, Norway on September 3rd."
Announcement on snoopdogg.com, an invaluable resource for Dogg scholars. Fans respond:
"why wont ye give him a brake all ye norway ppl tho a did hea it wiz borin ova ther its wiz in our newspapa...."

"In Ireland it is also being reported that controversially Snoop Dogg has refused to respond to his e-mail and mail, DiRty DaZ "Christs sake, 3 or 4 emails, 8 letters one with a barcode, does this F***er have no manners"

"How'z it... i'ma a big fan all the way from .NZ. (New Zealand)... U had a good concert hea back n 2 double 0 (I think been a while) hittin the front page of the New Zealand Herald.. (sumthing ur probably use too.)"
Either these are hoaxers of great talent, or else the greatest half-wits in Christendom. Today is Monsieur Dogg’s birthday. To celebrate I’ll be screaming my favourite Snoop Dogg songs at pedestrians, while spurting gastric juices from my nostrils.


“WHENAS in silks my Julia goes,
Then, then, methinks, how sweetly flows
The liquefaction of her clothes!”
Robert Herrick (1591-1674)

“Workin’ that lace, I think it was the French cut
Yeah bitch, you got a big ol' butt.”
Snoop Dogg (1972-)

I can’t decide which I like more.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005
History's top ten conquerors, in square miles:
1. Genghis (4,860,000)
2. Alexander (2,180,000)
3. Tamerlane (2,145,000)
4. Cyrus the Great (2,090,000)
5. Attila (1,450,000)
6. Adolf (1,370,000)
7. Napoleon (720,000)
8. Mahmud of Ghazni (680,000)
9. Pizarro (480,000)
10. Bush (423,424)
Stout Cortes at number 11. If Bush invades Canada, as I believe he should, he will overtake Alexander the Great, but still be a Napoleon short of Genghis Khan.

Source: Encyclopædia Britannica; The Book of Lists.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Site of the day is bitterwaitress.com, where you can denounce people who leave small tips. I was shocked and dismayed to see Norm Geras on there. He is someone I had always looked up to.
"This British professor guy staggered in ten minutes before we closed. He was drunk and aggressive. When I offered him the menu he said, “I can’t eat this pig swill”, and demanded a bowl of Shreddies..."
How disgraceful. In Scoop there is a communist called Papenhacker who goes around insulting waiters: “Every time you are polite to a proletarian you bolster the capitalist system.” Maybe that was the idea.

It didn’t occur to me that anyone would take such an idiotic post seriously, but apparently people did. But for the record: it isn’t true. Geras is nice people.

UPDATE 2! In fact, I feel a bit bad about it. I should have made the protagonist somebody I dislike, such as Jack the Ripper, or Hitler.


Monday, October 17, 2005
Nicholas Cage has called his baby Kal-el. What a tit. On the other hand, as long as it stays in California I doubt anyone will notice that much. They all have names like Gonad and Ramone Dangleberry Jnr. over there. It is a foolish place.

If you have nothing more pressing to do, there’s a list of stupid names at Harry’s Place: Seymour Cocks, Hugh G Rection, Annette Curtin, etc, etc. Which are amusing, but only quite amusing. Same with ghetto names, and funnyname.com- a good use of an office day, but not of your priceless free time when you could be out huntin' foxes.

When I was born my father wanted to call me Thames Valley Business Solutions, to give me a head start in life; but my mother vetoed the idea. He named my sister Ralph. He was a horrid, horrid man.


Saturday, October 15, 2005
“The Nobel prizes, at least outside the scientific realm, have become a bad joke,” writes John Hinderaker at Powerline, criticising Pinter’s Nobel Prize.

I couldn’t agree more. The prize should, rightfully, have been Hinderaker’s. He is the true weasel under the cocktail cabinet.

Hinderaker is generally considered to be one of the most important writers of his generation. He was born in a thatched cottage on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the only white in a neighbourhood of Belgians. After a tough childhood on the backstreets of an expensive private school he had to endure the ignominy of studying law at Harvard, eventually drifting into the sleazy world of litigation to make ends meet. Often there was no food on the table and the family was reduced to ordering pizzas to survive.

Hinderaker has an acute ear for the rhythms of everyday speech, brilliantly satirising the copy-link-paste-drone style of Reynolds and his followers. His work is often described as “Malkinesque”, heavily influenced by the “absurdist” school of blogging pioneered by Michelle Malkins in the post-war period. The genre is characterised by surreal posts about politics and culture, which, once you accept their precepts, contain a kind of bizarre internal logic. Meaningless links and sinister non-sequiturs are employed to create a sense of menace.

“Hinderaker restored blogging to its basic elements,” said Maynard P. Headlouse of the University of Wisconsin. “In austere language he captures so wonderfully its niggling feuds and obsessions, its explosions of insane hectoring. This is his great achievement... Let me make a prediction: people will still be reading Malkins and Hindsocket 200 years from now, long after the name of Pinter has been forgotten. They write not for an age, but for all time.”



Eng-ger-land, Eng-ger-land, Eng-ger-land...


Friday, October 14, 2005
"To God's Elect: Leave Sweden NOW!!!... Sweden's doom is now irreversible!... Swedes have allowed the filthy sodomite agenda to be completely fulfilled... Sweden is a land of the damned... Sweden is a land of sodomy, bestiality, and incest."

(From http://godhatessweden.com)

Sweden, a sink of depravity by almost anyone's standards. Flights available. London to Stockholm £60 one-way from ebookers.


Mrs Thatcher used to take electric baths in Notting Hill. You lie in a couple of inches of water containing salts and they pass an electric current through it, Pinochet-style.

It is a stressful job, being Prime Minister. Tony Blair keeps himself sane by praying to the four winds in the company of nutter women chanting Ancient Mayan verses, then daubs himself in mud and watermelons. Seriously.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The red one contained the explosives. The (armoured) Toyota was an escort vehicle for the senator, i.e., the target.

Somebody's living room.

Today the businesses were all open, without doors and windows. It was symbolic more than anything, because they are behind a police cordon.

Lump of the car bomb.

Hundreds of buildings were damaged, but no one was killed, and only nine people were hurt, including three of the senator's escorts.

UPDATE! There was a death. A homeless man's dog was murdered.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005
I was eating a corn on the cob earlier when a massive car bomb went off. In these situations I can never decide whether to run away as fast as my coward legs can carry me, or hide under the blankets and whimper like a piglet in a sack.

But there is a third option: the SUL. This poor woman lives about fifty metres away from the explosion. She was enjoying a nice snooze when all her windows were smashed in by the blast. Instead of howling in terror like a normal person, she went downstairs with coffee for the firemen, anti-explosives experts, snipers, etc. I didn't drink any because I knew that, as a Colombian, she would have put about ten sugars in it. But, even so, a nice gesture.

The glass was ankle-deep in places, but everyone was incredibly cool about having their street blown up. I didn't see anyone crying, or being hysterical or being bad-tempered. It was just like the Blitz, only without any fucking cockneys.

*Wrote this last night, but the internet was broken.


“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.” (Hamlet)

And speaking of the chocolate box of life, if you click the white mouse to your right it will transport you to the mouse’s Site of the Day. When people look back on this dawn of the internet they will remark how rich life was. “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive...” (David Hasselhoff)


Sunday, October 09, 2005
Christopher Hitchens is a visiting professor of Liberal Studies at the New School for Social Research. This email from "Jeff", one of his former students, was sent to the faculty head, complaining about Hitchens' behaviour. Jeff is now in the witness protection programmme.
"My enjoyment of the Methods of Cultural Criticism course was spoiled by the fact that the man chosen to teach it, Christopher Hitchens, is emotionally unstable. He regularly turned up to 10am lectures smelling of drink; his speech was slurred and he was unsteady on his feet. Sometimes he would wear false whiskers or a hat of some kind.

He often burst into song in the middle of lectures; sometimes even in the middle of sentences: "History, too, might have endings and ironies that are simply inscrutable, or that do not yield to any known dialectic, and now I am the ruler of the Queen's Naveee." As he sang, he picked up a chair and waltzed around the room with it in the most extraordinary manner. After several minutes of this he stood rigidly to attention, announced that he had murdered his wife the previous evening, then collapsed on the floor sniggering.

I will never forget his tutorial on Said’s Orientalism. When we entered his office he was sitting in a revolving chair with his back to us. Suddenly he swivelled round and began doing Groucho Marx impressions. He was wearing a ball gown and had an unlit cigar in his mouth. When this embarrassing display was over he asked us if we would rather discuss Edward Said or sing Gilbert and Sullivan songs. When we chose Dr Said he sulked for the rest of the morning.

He was much given to emotional outbursts and violent, irrational behaviour; but above all he was paranoid. One morning he stood on a desk and asked us why we all hated him. No one said anything, but some of us began inching towards the door. Finally he lost his temper and began shouting and screaming. The sight of my tutor, red in the face and clearly drunk, shaking an enraged fist at his literature class was highly upsetting. "You think you can have a good laugh at my expense,” he bellowed. "But I make more in a week than you’ll see in your miserable lives. You make me sick.” Several minutes later we shuffled from the room in embarrassed silence. Hitchens lay crumpled in a heap on the floor and was sobbing uncontrollably.

Many people in the department ascribe his odd behaviour to drunkeness and encroaching senility. But they have missed the point: It's not the drink. It is my opinion that he crossed the frontier between eccentricity and full-blown psychosis some time ago, and should be relieved of his teaching duties before someone gets hurt."


Friday, October 07, 2005
Gifted musician 50 Cent made a rare public appearance this week, in a bid to help "the New York community". The obvious answer would be to move to a different community, but his idea was to hand out wads of Benjamins to members of the public. Unfortunately he got confused between $1,800 and $18,000 -ooh, brain aches- then, to conceal his embarrassment, beat up some passers-by.

Language warning: he doesn't know any language. While he has mastered basic phrases and threats, his speech is of little communicative significance and incoherent under most circumstances.

He has attitude, i.e., a grumpy face. The crucifixes are to ward off bats.


Thursday, October 06, 2005
-The Yobbo says that Perth is the dullest place he has ever been.

-Most people would rather have a holiday in Fallujah than read about Venezuelan politics. Nevertheless, for the minority who are interested, Caracas Chronicles is back.

-Hilarity ensues as Welsh half-wit has bollock shot off by cops.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005
I'm back in the U.S. of States. It’s a great feeling when you arrive in America and sink that first pint of coffee. The airport cretins wanted to know if I plan to import soil or engage in genocide. Not right now, thanks. I’ve got work to do. Why would I import soil, anyway? Do they think I have nothing better to do than sneak around airports with a briefcase full of earth? Is that some kind of nerdish hobby, or you think there’s money in it?

I’m in New Jersey. I’ve taken to shouting Badda Bing at people, in a David Niven accent. I wonder what it means. “Take me to the hotel please, Badda Bing!”, I tell them. I laugh, but the Americans do not laugh. Who cares if they think I’m retarded? Badda Bing!

I was just visiting my girlfriend in Hong Kong. She’s going to Melbourne this week, and is a bit nervous. She's Chinese, and everything she knows about Australia she has learnt from television; but the only show she watches is about that lunatic who wrestles crocodiles for a living. I think she thinks the whole country is like that.

"This is the deadliest snake in the world. Its bite will kill you in 3 minutes. Let’s poke it with a stick."


Monday, October 03, 2005
Professor Paul Krugman was in the news again last week, for catching a record-breaking carp. I sent an email to congratulate him.
Dear Sir,
Congratulations on your record-breaking CARP. That should knock Professor Luskins off his PERCH and TENCH him a lesson or two!

How are things at Princeton? Everything SHIP shape? Not doing anything FISHY I hope. "I expect EEL be having a WHALE of a time in his new department," said Greenspan, when I saw him in Wal-Mart the other day. "I SEA what you mean, Al," I replied, and I WAVEd goodbye to the aged Fed Chair. And what about your new neighbours? Do they bang on the SEA-ling when you play those TUNAS on your guitar, perhaps insisting that you turn down the BASS. "What in COD's name do you think you're playing at Krugman, it's nEELy midnight!"

Yours faithfully,

Harry Hutton

Imagine a closed economy that produces only two goods: carp, and economics books. Suppose that consumers are rational, and that the marginal utility of consuming a carp or a text book is equal. Can you imagine a world like that, Mr Hutton? It's my idea of hell.

Read the Book of Revelations, sir. It's all in there.


Paul Krugman

*I've written to him several times. He's a good friend of mine. Normally he just says:

Dear Reader,
Thanks for your email. I do read all the letters and emails that are fit to print, but though I wish I could respond to all of them, that wouldn't leave me time to do anything else.
Paul Krugman


Sunday, October 02, 2005

A local economist is celebrating catching a record-breaking carp. Professor Paul Krugman, 72, caught the 70lb monster in the grounds of the ruined Princeton Pizza Hut yesterday.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said the father of six. “I’ve never caught more than a crisp packet before.”

The Royal Angling Society has confirmed that the fish is the largest ever caught in Yorkshire.

“I’m going to stuff it and put it down my trousers,” said Krugman, who has also landed some big fish in the crime world. Last year he broke up the "Austrian" crime ring and put mob boss “Sub-optimal” Don Luskin behind bars. It took more than twenty hours to land the carp, but Krugman always gets his man... or his fish.

His wife was less impressed. “Since he took up fishing me and the kids have hardly seen him,” she moaned. “What an asshole!”

Some have expressed doubt about the catch, noting that no one was around to witness it. Professor Von Schnarchen of the Guinness Book of Records told them to quit carping. “It is bigger than average, certainly, but fish this size are increasingly common. There is certainly no reason for suspicion.”

Fishing cheat Brad Delong was left red-faced last year when he won a bet by catching a haddock that he bought from pet shop three days earlier.

The Princeton Pizza Hut was dissolved in 1552 during the reign of Edward VI. Millions of pounds worth of gold and silver plate was lost.


Saturday, October 01, 2005
"Society is now one polished horde,
Formed of two mighty tribes, the Bores and Bored."
Factor of production Arlington live-blogs the tedium.




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